Preparing your Quilt

-Your quilt backing and batting needs to be 4 inches longer on each side. (We need the extra 4 inches to help us load the quilt on the frame.

-Please make sure your backing is trimmed and squared up. 

-Please look through your quilt and make sure that there are no loose threads on your quilt top or backing. This will help prevent our machine foot from getting caught and ripping your quilt.

-Quilt top needs to be free from any embellishments.

-If you used applique on your quilt, please make sure that it is properly secured.

-Please specify which side of your quilt is the top if applicable, and whether your quilt top and bottom are directional.  

-If possible, try to make sure your seams on your backing are horizontal. This helps prevent your quilt from sagging on the frame.


We would LOVE to quilt for you, even if you are out of state. Please fill out the order form and include that you will be shipping it in the notes and we will email you back with where to send it.

-Please wrap your quilt in some sort of plastic wrapping before putting in the box. This will keep your quilt safe. 

-We understand that when shipping your quilt it may get some wrinkles in it. We offer free ironing for any quilt that is shipped to us.

-We strongly suggest getting tracking on your quilt when you send it to us. Usually the priority shipping boxes come with free tracking so you don't have to pay extra.

-If your quilt top is extra special we also suggest getting a signature confirmation and additional insurance.

-Customer will be in charge of shipping costs.

-We ship your quilts back through FedEx. If you would like us to ship through UPS or USPS, please let us know. 

-Two Crazy Stitches is not responsible for quilt shipments that we do not receive.